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The Mahorall Farm Range Of Crown Cap Ciders

Our range of bottled Mahorall Farm Cider

Our Original Dry Lightly Sparkling Cider


Our original dry but not too dry cider which is lightly sparkling. This caters for the customer that prefers a drier drink but not as dry as our new strong dry cider. Made with 100% juice and a very pleasant dry finish.

This cider is available by mail order and also at the majority of our retail outlets.

5.5% abv

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Our Original Medium Lightly Sparkling Cider



Our first cider we introduced all those years ago and still our most popular. It is a very pleasant cider which caters for a popular market. It is not too dry, not too sweet and also not too fizzy. Made with 100% apple juice and slightly sweetened with natural sugar ensures a great apple taste.


6% abv

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Flavoured Ciders !

Our flavoured ciders are only available from our farm shop and shows.

Cider And Damson - 4% abv

We have added some of our own Damson Syrup to blend with one of our dry ciders to achieve just the right balance of sweetness and ciderery taste.

First impression when tasted is of sweetness and then the flavour of the damson 'kicks in' and then beautifully finishes with a delicious cider taste. This complex and refreshingly different tasting cider only comes in at 4% abv so caters for not only a sweeter cider but also a low alcohol product.


Cider And Elderflower - 4% abv


We have added some of our popular Elderflower syrup to one of our dry ciders to create almost a shandy style of cider.

Again a sweeter still cider and also a lower alcohol cider at just 4% abv.

The consumer is welcomed with an immediate aroma of Elderflower and on tasting discovers a well blended mix of Elderflower coupled with the full taste of cider.

A refreshing lighter tasting cider well suited to the summer months if consumed slightly chilled.


Cider Elderflower and Damson - 4% abv




Combining the two delicious flavours of both Damson and Elderflower blended together creates a great tasting cider which has proved to be popular. Again a sweeter cider which is still.





Cider With Ginger - 4% abv




If you like cider and the taste of ginger then this is the cider for you! We have blended the great taste of root ginger to a cider which results in a refreshingly different tasting sweeter still cider.





Mahorall Mulled Cider. 4% abv

This is a very special drink to warm you up on a cold winter day! We have blended some Cider, Damson Juice, Elderberry Juice, Orange Juice and light spices into a delicious and ready to warm up mulled cider. All you need to do is to empty the contents into a pan and warm up to about 60 degrees and then serve! A brilliant way to welcome your guests on a cold winters evening.

This is a seasonal drink and is only available from the farm shop and Christmas shows in the months of November and December.