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About Mahorall farm

Mahorall Farm

OakWe have at Mahorall 150 acres of varying landscapes including open pasture, woodland, orchards and a 15 acre Shropshire Wildlife Trust site. We have been able to date the farm back to before 1650 and the landscape still retains many interesting features such as buildings, hedgerows and many ancient oak trees.

Old Photo Of Horse


Originally Mahorall Farm was part of a large country estate which totalled 16 farms. Each individual farmstead would have been built to specialise in a particular farming activity. Mahorall used to specialise in livestock and horses.

We have evidence that the original farm buildings were attached to the farmhouse. In 1825 a large brick building was constructed away from the main house to create a functional multi use building to house many of the farming activities of the day. This included stables, a workshop, granary and fodder storage. There were two very large doors in the side of the building which enabled the hay carts to draw in and unload each side.Old Barn

The building was converted into a dairy in the late sixties and after the milking enterprise ceased the building fell into disrepair as no immediate use could be found. After a great deal of repair work we rekindled a use for it and today the building is used for our small farm shop and houses a part of our cider activities.

Mahorall Farm has never been intensively farmed and the majority of the original field boundaries remain today. Despite its small size there are many different landscapes on the farm including open pasture, 14 acres of woodland, ponds, orchards, streams, springs, wetland and also a Shropshire Wildlife Trust site.

We are currently part of Natural Englands Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) which helps fund various environmental project work on the farm including work such as hedgelaying.