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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated November 2020


1 - I don't know how to or I do not want to use the paypal system - can I pay any other way?

We use Paypal because it is a recognised secure system to use when handling customers bank details. The system is easy to use and you are able to use the majority of bank cards to pay. If you are not happy in using it we are able to take payments by BACS. Please contact us regarding your order and we will provide you with our bank details. On the received payment we will then send out your order.

2 - Can we have it delivered on a specific day?

All our orders are sent out on an overnight service. Our pick up days are twice a week from the farm and are currently a Tuesday and Thursday. We unfortunately are unable to guarantee the actual delivery day.

3- I will not be at the address when it is due to be delivered

Our courier does not require a signature from you however you must inform us of where to leave the cider ie in porch, in garage. This information must be provided when ordering using the drop down box. If there is a problem and there is no safe place to leave the consignment the courier company will leave a card. The courier will attempt to deliver it again usually the following day. After 2 attempts the customer must arrange with the courier company using the information on the card by contacting the local depo otherwise it will be returned to us. If the consignment is returned to us then you will be charged for the failed delivery.

4 - How long does the cider keep for?

The bottled cider has been pasteurised and will keep for several months. The best before date will either be on the cap or label.

The still cider ideally needs to be kept cool and will last for approximately a fortnight.

5 - Can I send the cider to a different address for a gift?

Yes as long as the person is over 18 years of age

6 - It has not arrived! What do I do?

Please use the tracking number we have provided and your postcode and track it by going to https://apc-overnight.com/receiving-a-parcel/tracking

If you are unable to locate it please contact us on the email below.

Breakages - This unfortunately sometimes happens when delivering glass. If the consignment is broken during transit then it will not be delivered and it will be returned to us. We will then inform you of the date the replacement cider is due to be resent out.

If there is any other problem then please contact us and we will do our best to sort it out. Please email us at christhefarmer@yahoo.co.uk